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NewsQ Collaborates With Knowledge Futures Group

For several years, NewsQ has continued to do what it does best: collaborating with others to find solutions for elevating quality journalism online. Besides the contributions of NewsQ’s trusted collaborators, data is the key to identifying how algorithms rank and recommend quality news articles online. Another challenge: due to the scale and multi-year effort needed to address this challenge, data collection and stewardship must have adequate long-term support.  

This is why we at Hacks/Hackers, together with the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism — the NewsQ Initiative’s lead organizations — are excited by the collaboration we have established with non-profit organization Knowledge Futures Group that will support the long-term sustainability of the NewsQ data and API.

A non-profit organization dedicated to public knowledge infrastructure, Knowledge Futures Group is well-suited to addressing the challenge of elevating quality journalism online. Growing out of a partnership with the MIT Media Lab and MIT Press, its mission is to build infrastructure for a more effective, equitable, and sustainable knowledge economy. As part of this mission, Knowledge Futures is currently building Underlay, an open platform for collaboratively structuring, producing, and linking data across communities of practice. 

Over the next few months in 2022, the NewsQ Initiative will be transitioning our data and API to the Knowledge Futures team, and will also brainstorm specific ways to advance the needs of communities interested in news quality data. We look forward to the continued growth of and conversation around these resources.