Goodbye from NewsQ, and Thank You

This is a brief note to say that the News Quality Initiative (NewsQ) project has concluded, and to share our appreciation for the contributions of our partners and collaborators.

In a world of many platforms and preferences, how can quality journalism be elevated? This is the question that the News Quality Initiative has sought to investigate using design thinking methods in small explorations. Over the last years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with many smart and dedicated people, all of whom care deeply about making newsworthy information available and accessible to the public.

NewsQ tried to advance the conversation through clarifying technical definitions of news quality, fostering ideas around what was possible in panel discussions around data results, and encouraging prototypes that modeled news quality in tool design and Wikipedia exchanges. Much of our work would not have been possible without the support of Jeff Jarvis and the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY Newmark School of Journalism. More about our achievements can be found in descriptions of our activities and resources.

Though our time of answering the online journalism quality question has ended, we know that NewsQ participants and collaborators and many others will continue to seek answers. We are looking forward to seeing continued collaboration and exploration in the years to come.