About NewsQ

NewsQ is an initiative of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and supported by Hacks/Hackers. NewsQ seeks to elevate quality journalism when algorithms rank and recommend news articles online. We approach this problem by engaging in design thinking activities in collaboration with technology, journalism, academia and other communities with the goal of generating resources.

NewsQ grows out of the awareness that, in order to confront the challenge of supporting quality journalism amid decreasing revenues, shared definitions, data, and conversations are essential. Through our participatory approach, we hope to promote constructive steps towards solutions. And in this way, NewsQ hopes to contribute to efforts that drive financial support towards quality news and away from disinformation, and misinformation.

About the Center and Project Funders

The Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism serves as a catalyst for journalism innovation and sustainability by running education programs, events, and communities.

This initiative was formerly known as the Quality News Project and for a brief period of time as the NewsQA project.

Since 2018, NewsQ has received support from the Facebook Journalism Project and Civic, incubated at TED (now known as Healthy Internet Project). It has also received an award from the Computing Community Consortium. The KNoW Science Collaboration has also received support from WikiCred.


A number of contributors make NewsQ possible, including data providers and advisers.

Data Providers

By providing information that enables exploration and discovery around quality news, contributing organizations and companies make insights possible. Our contributing organizations and companies include:

We thank these companies and organizations for their willingness to share data with the project.


Currently, the following organizations have members who serve as advisers to the project:

  • Facebook Journalism Project
  • Google News Initiative
  • Healthy Internet Project, incubated at TED
  • MediaWell, Social Science Research Council

The NewsQ Team

Andrea Brás, NewsQ Strategist

Andrea Brás has a professional background in education, translation and editing. She has worked as an editorial lead with data journalism initiative NewsFrames and as an editor covering South Asia and Southeast Asia for citizen media outlet Global Voices. Before joining NewsQ, she was the Community Manager for Localization Lab and was responsible for coordinating a community of 6000+ translators working to make internet freedom technology available in underrepresented languages. 

Brás is co-chair of Credibility Coalition’s CredLiteracy working group, is a researcher for CredCo and Hacks/Hackers CredCatalog and served on the organizing committee of MisinfoCon 2019.

Her research interests include news credibility, media literacy, online challenges for linguistically diverse communities, and alternative education methodology. 

Kate Harloe, NewsQ Strategist

Kate Harloe has worked for Wired magazine, San Francisco magazine, Crosscut Public Media, and NewsGuard. With the support of a national Foreign Language and Area Studies award, she earned a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley. Harloe has also received a Society of Professional Journalists award and a Fellowship for the Study of Professional Ethics at Auschwitz, among other honors.

Harloe’s research interests include journalism ethics, diversity in journalism, media criticism, and the history and sociology of journalism.

A graduate of Hamilton College and University of California-Berkeley, Harloe recently served as senior editorial fellow at Mother Jones magazine, where she wrote about gender, politics and the federal judiciary.

Humphrey Obuobi, Research Assistant 

In addition to supporting NewsQ design and research efforts, Humphrey Obuobi is a product manager at Recidiviz, and currently leads product strategy and execution for the Public Data team. Before Recidiviz, he was a product manager on Google’s ARCore APIs, building next-generation augmented reality experiences; before that, he spent time in various product and design roles at IDEO CoLab, Microsoft, and student-run design and development agency. Outside of work, he can usually be found exploring San Francisco on a skateboard, community organizing with DSA SF, or researching civic technology principles for a more equitable future. Humphrey holds a B.A. in Bioengineering with a minor in Computer Science from Harvard College.

Nevin Thompson, Communications

Nevin Thompson is a marketing and communications specialist. He serves as the Community Lead of Credibility Coalition, a research community of journalists, researchers, and technologists that fosters collaborative approaches to understanding the veracity, quality and credibility of online information. He also works both as the social media & distribution manager, and Japan News Editor for Global Voices, an an international community of writers, reporters, and digital activists that aim to translate and report on what is being said in citizen media worldwide. 

MD Momen Bhuiyan, Intern

MD Momen Bhuiyan is a Ph.D. student in the dept. of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, being advised by Sang Won Lee and Tanushree Mitra at University of Washington. Momen’s research interest lies on news consumption issues in relation to social media. To this end, Momen uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to develop and test design interventions to help users navigate online information space.

Connie Moon Sehat, Director

Connie leads the News Quality Initiative and is Researcher-at-large for Hacks/Hackers. This year, she was also a Senior Fellow for Media, Entertainment and Sport Industries at the World Economic Forum. Connie has focused on the intersections of technology and democratic life for the past twenty years, including the direction of projects like NewsFrames at Global Voices, the New Orleans Research Collaborative, and ELMO (election, human rights, and health monitoring). Her doctorate from Rice University specialized in twentieth century German history, with minor fields in Enlightenment Europe and Modern Japan.

Dr. Sehat’s first job out of college allowed her to develop software for the International Space Station. Most recently, she has served as Research Community Lead of the Credibility Coalition and also previously worked for The Carter Center, Emory University, and The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.


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