NewsQ Team

Andrea Brás, NewsQ Strategist

Brás has a professional background in education, translation and editing. She has worked as an editorial lead with data journalism initiative NewsFrames and as an editor covering South Asia and Southeast Asia for citizen media outlet Global Voices. Before joining NewsQ, she was the Community Manager for Localization Lab and was responsible for coordinating a community of 6000+ translators working to make internet freedom technology available in underrepresented languages. 

Brás is co-chair of Credibility Coalition’s CredLiteracy working group, is a researcher for CredCo and Hacks/Hackers CredCatalog and served on the organizing committee of MisinfoCon 2019.

Her research interests include news credibility, media literacy, online challenges for linguistically diverse communities, and alternative education methodology. 

Yemile Bucay, NewsQ Strategist

Bucay received a B.A. in Humanities from Yale University, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia Journalism School. 

Prior to joining the NewsQ project, Yemile Bucay managed NewsGuard’s editorial operations in France and Italy and edited reviews of sites in those markets. Earlier in her career, she was a reporting fellow at the Global Migration Project, a nonprofit effort that reports on immigration and gender, with a focus on law and policy. Bucay has worked as a journalist and documentary producer in Mexico and France, and has conducted research in those countries as well as in Syria and in Italy. Her work has appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review, Broadly, Newsweek and the New Yorker.

Bucay’s research interests include journalism ethics, the sociology of news, media criticism and diversity in the media.

Kate Harloe, NewsQ Strategist

Harloe has also worked for Wired magazine, San Francisco magazine, Crosscut Public Media, and NewsGuard.  With the support of a national Foreign Language and Area Studies award, she earned a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley. Harloe has also received a Society of Professional Journalists award and a Fellowship for the Study of Professional Ethics at Auschwitz, among other honors.

Harloe’s research interests include journalism ethics, diversity in journalism, media criticism, and the history and sociology of journalism.

A graduate of Hamilton College and University of California-Berkeley, Harloe recently served as senior editorial fellow at Mother Jones magazine, where she wrote about gender, politics and the federal judiciary.

Connie Moon Sehat, Director