KNoW Science Vaccine Safety Edit-a-Thon Series

Do you want to help promote accurate vaccine information online? Are you interested in editing Wikipedia? Then join KNoW Science and Wikimedia DC in a series of monthly Wikipedia edit-a-thons aimed at improving vaccine safety starting in May 2021.

Each month, until the end of the series in October 2021, KNoW Science will partner with different Wikipedia country chapters, as well as vaccine safety experts, to host multi-lingual events. Participants are encouraged to create, translate, and expand on vaccine-related content. Articles are reviewed for quality and accuracy by a panel of focus-language health experts, and by experienced Wikipedia members.

NewsQ KNoW Science Wikipedia Vaccine Event

While these events typically focus on a specific language on Wikipedia, edit-a-thons are open to anyone interested in promoting accurate vaccine information online! Training will be provided in both English and the target language of the month — no Wikipedia experience is required to participate. 

Participants can choose from a list of tasks to complete on Wikipedia. The tasks are focused on vaccine safety and public health.

Join An Edit-a-Thon

June 12, 2021 | Spanish Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 

NewsQ’s Know Science, Wikimedia DC and Wikimedia Mexico will host a bilingual Spanish/English Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on June 12, 2021.  

If you are interested in attending please sign up on our Eventbrite page or go to our Wikipedia Event page

Propose An Edit-a-Thon

The KNoW Science Vaccine Safety project is always interested in hosting more Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and in more languages. If you have an idea for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon that will improve vaccine safety in your language, please contact us!

Contact: hello [at] newsq [dot] net 

Past Edit-a-Thons

Malayalam Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (May, 2021)

NewsQ’s KNoW Science, Wikimedia DC, Infoclinic, and the Centre for Internet and Society hosted a bilingual Malayalam/English Wikipedia edit-a-thon on May 8, 2021.

Vaccine Safety Edit-a-thon (Series Kick-off, April, 2021) 

NewsQ’s KNoW Science and Wikimedia DC held a kick-off edit-a-thon on April 2, 2021.

About KNoW Science Vaccine Safety 2021

Since the pandemic began, the NewsQ team has been brainstorming ways to leverage our role as a bridge between researchers, technologists, journalism organizations, and science and health experts to improve the quality of vaccine safety information online. 

So, in 2020, NewsQ launched the KNoW Science initiative as a way to focus our efforts on the question of online information quality related to health and science. As part of this initiative we partnered with the WHO’s Vaccine Safety Net (VSN), Wikimedia DC and the Stanford History Education Group to host a kick-off vaccine safety Wikipedia edit-a-thon in August aimed at filling vaccine information gaps on Wikipedia as well as improving existing vaccine safety information.