News Ranking Review Panels

How should news ranking and recommendation systems work? One answer has been news quality: higher quality news should rise to the top.

Yet, news quality is a complicated, and not clearly understood concept. There are aspects around which experienced journalists are likely to disagree, depending on the context in question. At the same time, news ranking and recommendation systems are built around defined processes and clear rules that require specificity.

In our effort to support broad constructive engagement on the question of news quality, NewsQ is piloting a set of review panels. Composed of journalists, journalism experts, and technologists, the panels will delve into specific cases of news ranking and recommendation. The goal is to understand whether generalizable guidance or principles regarding quality journalism—interpretable both by algorithms and by journalists—might emerge.

Pilot panels: May – August 2020

Our first panel discussions over collected cases of news ranked/recommended results will include:

  • the place of opinion versus other kinds of news genres;
  • how science and health news might be ranked or recommended;
  • the priority of local news.

Reflections from the panels will be published in the final quarter of the year.