NewsQ Signals

NewsQ Activity Area: Technical Definitions

Status: Under development (explanation last updated 19 December 2019)

The NewsQ database contains units of information, called signals, that may be important to consider when implementing algorithms that rank or recommend news articles. Below, you can find a list of signals that we either have collected, are considering collecting, or know about.

Organization. We currently organize signals according to two types of categories, and seven types of classes; you can find out more about them here. Subclasses, such as Safety, offer additional organizing information. In addition, we currently collect information tied to two entities: website and media outlet.

Organizing labels may change over time, as we refine our understanding of the information collected; we anticipate some reorganization especially around the area of subclasses during 2020.

Data Provider. May contain one or more current or potential providers of the signal information.

Status. Speaks to whether NewsQ has or will collect the information (Selected for Collection, Collected). Sometimes we think it useful to catalog signals we know that exist (Exists). When a potential signal is under development or under review, it is Hypothetical.

W3C Definition. We provides link to definitions that we have submitted to the W3C Credibility Community Group for review.