About our project

In addition to reading about our initiative on this website, here is a one-page NewsQ Brief (April 2020).

Principles and Recommendations

Panels. In its effort to support broad constructive engagement on the question of news quality, the NewsQ Initiative hosts a series of panels. NewsQ Panels are composed of journalists, journalism experts, and technologists, and review specific cases of news ranking and recommendation to understand whether generalizable guidance or principles regarding quality journalism—interpretable both by algorithms and by journalists—might emerge.

Data collections

NewsQ collects two types of information: potential “signals” of quality related to journalism and examples of feed results from platform news products.

API. As of 2020, the NewsQ Database contains over 100 units of information on over 12,000 news and information sites. Some of these units of information may be potential “signals” of quality journalism. This database, which is mostly focused on English-language US readership, is currently open for testing purposes to a limited number of invited researchers and participants.

Feed results. Our project has collected specific results from news feeds across major platform news products by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft for an initial qualitative review during our 2020 panels. The dataset, gathered across dates from February to June 2020, provides an illustrative rather than systematically sampled view of possible results. In addition to screenshots of news feed results, the results are accessible in an Airtable with additional contextual information about each of the top five articles, including the article URL.

In addition, in 2021, a dataset of results from Google News, Microsoft News, and Twitter Explore was also collected for analysis.


News ranking prototypes. Code and example datasets from winning contents of the NewsQ NewsRank for Social Good Hackathon can be found at Devpost.

News within online information networks. This gap analysis on vaccine safety information on English Wikipedia began in 2020 and will be further developed in 2021, as well as analyzed for its handling of news sources.

Reference Materials

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It’s a work in progress, but we are cleaning and curating our Zotero-powered library of relevant reading materials if you are interested in browsing. Suggestions for additions welcome.

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