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Takeaways from the COVID-19 Community Convening

NewsQ’s KNoW Science, MuckRock, and SciLine organized the COVID-19 Community Convening, an online meeting that connected local newsrooms with science and health experts.

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What is the Relationship Between Fact-checks and Accuracy? (Part II)

Taking fact-checking as a straightforward signal for accuracy proves difficult because determining accuracy itself is challenging

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What is the Relationship Between Fact-checks and Accuracy?

The first of two blog posts. Many news consumers are unclear about the practice of fact-checking, which is commonly used as a proxy for accuracy in journalism. Over the course of two blog posts, I’ll dig deeper into what fact-checking actually is, in practice, and what it aspires to be. The second blog post will […]

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How are Trust, Standards and News Quality All Related?

What challenges are there when attempting to incorporate fact-checking into news ranking systems that consider news quality?